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216 Foods Tested

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Located at Jumeirah and DIFC, we are Dubai’s leading specialised nutrition clinic

We offer the latest diagnostic tests and screenings, for food intolerances and food allergies. An initial consultation with our experts doctors will put you on the right path, choosing the right test and package that best suits your needs.

216 Food Tested

Results back in 2 full working days from Accredited Lab partner in the UAE

Our 216 food intolerance test packages include a comprehensive list of food items from everyday fruits and vegetables to exotic herbs and spices.

World-class personalised food intolerance report

World-class personalised food intolerance report

Food Intolerance & Allergy Packages

We offer the most trusted, affordable and accurate food intolerance tests and packages which include consultations with our expert team of Doctors and Clinical Dietitians.

Food Allergy Profile

AED 650 1,300

Package Includes:

20 Food Allergy Profile

Personalised Report


216 Food

AED 950 1,900

Package Includes:

216 Food Intolerance Test

Personalised Report


Beat Your Intolerances

AED 1,550 3,100

Package Includes:

216 Food Intolerance Test

Consultation with UK Specialist Doctor

Consultation with Dietitian

 Bespoke Lifestyle Plan

Personalised Report


Understanding Your Triggers

AED 1,250 2,500

Package Includes:

216 Food Intolerance Test

Follow-up with Functional Medicine Doctor

Personalised Report

Meet The Experts

Dr Nasr Al Jafari

Medical Director

Functional Medicine, BMBS BMedSci (Hons) MRCGP DPD DFSRH DOccMed

Tina Chagoury

Licensed Clinical Dietician and Health Behavior Educator (LD-MPH)

Dr. Faryal Luhar

Naturopathic Doctor

On The Air

Radio Talks / Podcasts

Listen to Dr Nas, functional medicine and wellness expert, talk about Gut Health, Diets, Weight Loss, and more.

How It Works



Choose your preferred package and book an appointment.



Visit our facility for a quick sample collection.



Check your email for a personalised, detailed report when notified.



Consult our experts for a bespoke diet and lifestyle plan.

Only available with premium plans*

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

The symptoms of food intolerance are similar to that of food allergies, and often leave one mistaken for the other. However, a few symptoms of intolerance to certain foods include:

Feeling Unwell
Stomach Ache
Bloating / Swelling
Migraines & Headaches
Cough / Running Nose
Irritable Bowels

Having difficulty digesting and processing certain foods?
We can help identify specific food intolerances and develop a personalised action-plan to help you adapt to your dietary changes.

Dubai’s Leading Health & Wellness Clinic

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Our Locations

Jumeirah Branch

  • Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah, Al Sufouh Road,
    Near Talise Spa - Dubai
  • 9:00 am - 8:00 pm | 7 days a week

DIFC Branch

  • DNA Health & Wellness Clinic, Unit 72,
    Gate Avenue, Central Zone - DIFC - Dubai
  • 10:00 am - 8:00 pm | 7 days a week


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Introducing The First IV Loyalty Card In The HealthCare Market!

Introducing The First IV Loyalty Card In The HealthCare Market!

Strip 1Strip 2Strip 3Strip 4
Gliadin /GlutenGrape (white / blue)RapeseedLychee
BuckwheatPineappleQuailRose hip
Flax seedStrawberryRabbitCantaloupe
Corn (maize)WatermelonRoe deerRaisin
MilletPearGuinea fowlAniseed
RicePlumHorseBay leaf
TurkeyPepper (black / white)CaseinCoriander
Cow milkCinnamonEmmental cheeseCumin
Egg yolkGarlicCottage cheeseDill
Egg whiteMustard seedMozzarellaGinger
Goat cheeseNutmegProcessed cheeseMarjoram
Goat milkOreganoCurd cheeseSaffron
Sheep milkParsleyBamboo shootsSage
Sheep cheesePeppermintBrussels sproutsCayenne pepper
YogurtPoppy seedCauliflowerCurry
BeetrootThymeChinese cabbageHops
Bell pepperVanillaFennelMint
BroccoliAlmondGourdBrazil nut
CarrotCashew nutJerusalem artichokeMacadamia nut
CeleryCocoa beanKalePine nut
CucumberPeanutSavoy cabbageCola nut
HorseradishPistachioSweet potatoCarp
LeekSesameVine leavesSquid
OliveSunflower seedWhite cabbageEel
OnionWalnutShallotGilthead seabream
PotatoCoconutLiquorice rootHaddock
Red cabbageMushroom mixture 1Snow peaPike
TomatoMushroom mixture 2Broad beanTurbot
ZucchiniSalmonMung beanLobster
ArtichokeTunaKidney beanMackerel
SpinachPrawnIceberg lettuceOyster
String beanAnchovyRocketSardine
PeaSwordfishAvocadoOcean perch
Soya beanTroutBlackberrySea bass
Haricot beanCodfishCranberryCrab
LettuceBrewer's yeastRed currantAgar-agar
Corn saladBaker's yeastBlack currantAloe vera
AppleHoneyFigGreen tea
ApricotCoffeeGooseberryBaking powder
BananaBlack teaHoneydew melonSafflower oil
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